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Thoughts and ideas to draw, especially not just to look good in 3D, but in our opinion essential to communicate with prospective customers, and both the production process.

Pixelwall visualization

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Smart Camion

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Bueno Gusto

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Following the contact based on the ideas discussed keeping in mind the needs of the production of the specific event, meeting, conference, stand or a three-dimensional visualization of custom furniture.

Although we are not creative agency, we like when we get drawn ideas.
The plan envisioned modeling, help the customer needs, making it possible for any changes.
The Ezüst Kaméleon apply the most advanced tools on their projects..

Please contact us and we will design and implement your following event idea..

About Us

Our work is very complex. Result of careful work of many professions, which can boast.Experience in different areas of specialization and knowledge are of great use when designing our future work. In our work, it plays an important role in the recycling, multiple-use. We think in pre-module building systems.

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