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Canopy = multiple use, easy handling, low weight.

Pulp Production

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Multiple modes of use are some examples: tent, car / truck tarpaulins, decoration, masking, etc.
If you are looking for fully customized solution, of course, it is possible. A good quality tarpaulin materials that are used are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Pulp Production:
  • Canopy terrace
  • Tarpaulins
  • Canopy tent
  • vehicle Canopy
  • Unique tilt-making

You can read more details about the production of canvas ponyvagyartas.hu

The Ezüst Kaméleon apply the most advanced tools on their projects..

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About Us

Our work is very complex. Result of careful work of many professions, which can boast.Experience in different areas of specialization and knowledge are of great use when designing our future work. In our work, it plays an important role in the recycling, multiple-use. We think in pre-module building systems.

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