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The promotion of products and tools to assist in meeting potential clients, be it a simple desk or a complex installation.
The effectiveness of this depends on the efficient information between the issuer and recipient of transfer.

Pixelwall-Mobil office

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Paraván fal

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Exchibition stand

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When creating custom-designed promotional tools we aim to design a compact, easy to assemble, and the right appearance combined with the comfort and ease of use are preserved. Mounting.
Without the use of tools to assemble anywhere in no time itself can be packaged and functional (to be transported).
Interchangeable artwork, promotional materials and exclusive appearance is characterized previous work.
Awareness of the impact will not be hard to achieve our production counters.
In addition we also deal with the preparation of graphical elements.
The Ezüst Kaméleon apply the most advanced tools on their projects..

Please contact us and we will design and implement your following event idea..

About Us

Our work is very complex. Result of careful work of many professions, which can boast.Experience in different areas of specialization and knowledge are of great use when designing our future work. In our work, it plays an important role in the recycling, multiple-use. We think in pre-module building systems.

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