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With many years of experience and high dedication we can build your special promo trailer.

Bogle Trailer

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Promo trailer 1.0 PoPuP

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Party trailer​

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It becomes more and more popular to show up with mobile trailers, mobile vehicle superstructures and promotion containers at event scenes and festivals.
It is very easy to set up this installation on almost any kind of terrain.
These vehicles can be very brandish also on the roads.
There is no need for building permit using these vehicles. After offical vehicle registration you need only public space allocation licenses for each apperiances.

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The Ezüst Kaméleon apply the most advanced tools on their projects..

Please contact us and we will design and implement your following event idea..

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Our work is very complex. Result of careful work of many professions, which can boast.Experience in different areas of specialization and knowledge are of great use when designing our future work. In our work, it plays an important role in the recycling, multiple-use. We think in pre-module building systems.

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