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Outdoor occurrence is important for weather-resistant enclosure technology. Must be a container, trailer, tent, or even aluminum enclosure.

Dome tent

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Tent Technology

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Tent buliding

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You can meet a lot of different tent style a wide variety of events

Dome tent

"Simple form, great message..."
The ball tent venue is very unique. The ball tent fashionable, trendy touch to your event.
Have you also in the form of an unforgettable event. The tent itself carries a lot of communication is an opportunity, night, day!
The spherical form in itself mean the design of the brand:
  • Awareness appearance,
  • 3D projection - the perfect location,
  • Car shows, road shows - future-pack,
  • Concert venue - trendy, young, colorful,
  • Exhibition stand - attracts guests,
  • Promotional site - modern, well-separated installation .

You can read mor about spherical tent at domzelt.hu
The Ezüst Kaméleon apply the most advanced tools on their projects..

Please contact us and we will design and implement your following event idea..

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Our work is very complex. Result of careful work of many professions, which can boast.Experience in different areas of specialization and knowledge are of great use when designing our future work. In our work, it plays an important role in the recycling, multiple-use. We think in pre-module building systems.

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